Saturday, May 15, 2010

Procrastinate Till No End !

Today I was supposed to dedicate my day to studying. I have mountains of work I am "suppose" to do, but of course I end up doing something else. Right before I was about to open my book, I decided to go on and look at Halloween costumes( I know what your thinking, its May and your looking at Halloween costumes?......But what can I say, I'm a strange gal. )
Looking at all the costumes made me want to play around a little , I began to tease my hair and make it very messy, and I made my makeup look as if I were extremely tired...... Before you look at the pictures let me just say, I got too paranoid that if I left my makeup and hair the way it was it would look extremely ugly, so I tamed it a little. I know safe is boring, but ehh....

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