Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh Benji

So, what did this gal do today?
Besides play with her make up and bother her dog... not to much.
Today was just one of those days like most days of the year that start and end with no real significance.
I tried taking a picture of him but he can never stay still.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Tea Party Dilemma

Soo I saw the most beautiful vintage dress on etsy. The model looked like a true ballerina in it. I loved it, so I bought it. I noticed that the measurements said it was a 24' waist. Sadly I am not a 24 waist lol, but I just figured its a dress, there can always be something done to the dress to make it fit you... right? But oh boy was I wrong. I took it to 2 different tailors and they both told me the same thing. They said I couldn't make it bigger because there in no extra fabric.
Look for yourself at how pretty this dress is, wouldn't you be upset too ?
I really didn't have any particular event to wear it to. But I can sometimes be a nut and ill wear it to a casual event and look completely odd. I don't mind.