Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Makeup .......

I am the type of person that gets tired of the same thing everyday... which means I get really bored with doing my eye makeup the same everyday. I like to change things up a bit.
When I have the time, I like to play around with my makeup and see what results I get.

These were the results I got today...

Its not very different to how I normally do my makeup, but I like it :)
What I used was....
-black eyeliner ( liquid and pencil)
-white eyeliner (pencil)
-white eyeshadow
-black eyeshadow
-blue eyeshadow
-purple/pinkish eyeshadow
-pale pink lipstick


  1. yeah, i love cherry blossoms~ you make me want to play with my makeup, too. XD


  2. your eyes are so beautiful and biiig

    i'm so jealous haha. my asian eyes are tiny = =

    thanks so much for commenting, love!

    ps. your blog is super cute!