Monday, March 8, 2010

Academy Awards 2010

I always watch the Academy Awards mainly to see what actresses wear to this event. It is a night they get to wear their glamorous gowns on the red carpet. These were my favorite dresses of the night.
I thought Demi Moore looked absolutely stunning with this dress. I loved the way it was nicely structured on the top and how it softly falls in beautiful ruffles below the waist.

I thought Anna Kendrick looked very whimsical. Some people were commenting about the color or her dress not suiting her because it was very similar to her skin tone but I thought it was very pretty. I loved the way the dress fell with a lot of movement. Personally I thought she looked gorgeous from her hair all the way down to her shoes.

The red wine color dress by Donna Karen made the stunning actress Penelope Cruz stand out. There is something about that color that just intrigues me. She looked very elegant.


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